Faith & Fellowship

Faith & Fellowship is a weekly gathering of St. John Paul II Catholic Campus Ministry. After fellowship and dinner, Keynote speakers provide Catholic insight on topics of faith in today's culture.

Faith & Fellowship is a weekly event where you will join other college students for dinner and fellowship, followed by a speaker focusing on topics to help you grow in the your faith. We begin Faith & Fellowship evenings with Mass at 5:30 pm, followed by a FREE dinner at 6:45 pm, during which time you and your fellow students will have the opportunity to enter into meaningful conversations that center around the theme for the evening. From 7pm to 8 pm, we listen to a guest Keynote Speaker discussing topics of faith and today's culture and help us learn more about what it means to live the Christian life fully. All students are welcome to attend! 

Join us in community and formation!

MASS: 5:30PM


6:30PM - 8:00PM

Contact Shannon for more details: